Facility Management

Jai Ambe offers affordable property management services: Cleaning, Grounds maintenance & Building maintenance.

Many people are buying multiple property these days for investment. They can’t take care of each and every property by themselves. Thus, they need professionals who can take care of their properties on their behalf. In addition, government, corporate, and small businesses constantly seek prompt property management services.

Do you know a property if left unattended for an extend period of time, reduces its valuation? A potential buyer will never buy a long unattended property at market price.

Don’t let that happen to your property. Rely on the services of Melbourne’s leading property management firm, Jai Ambe. Jai Ambe offers comprehensive set of property management services including parameter’s security, regular cleaning, and building management in most of Australia.

We have a staff of handpicked property managers who are well trained and experienced in this field. In addition, we constantly keep our staff updated through regular seminars and workshops of what is new in the world of property management.

We have seen many property owners who have depreciated their properties by not paying clear attention to its cleanliness. Cleaning and maintenance, while looks like a trivial issue, is actually a pretty serious one, if ignored the consequences can be worse than expected. At Jai Ambe, our staff is well trained to ensure enough attention is given to the cleanliness of your property. They understand; the appearance and surrounding of your building is a deal breaker for you.

Stay Clean - Stay safe

Facility Management Services

We Help Your Premises To Stay Green And Clean

As the leading cleaning and property management service providers, The Jai Ambe Services encouraging
its customers by providing green cleaning and recycling solutions.

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