Education Cleaning

Finding a reputed and skilled school cleaner is quite a job, ask any school principal. To make sure you don’t have a hard time finding one, at Jai Ambe Services, we offer cleaning services of educational institutes like small schools, public schools, primary schools, private schools or grad schools.

We know schools can turn pretty messy at the end of the day. Cleaning a school requires both patience and rapidity. Not every other cleaner can undertake the task of cleaning a school.

As a professional cleaner who has a vast experience in cleaning educational institutes of every size and type, we understand the particularities of school cleaning. We will clean your school’s class rooms, auditorium, staff room, toiler and playgrounds.

With our cleaning services, you’ll be confident about the safety and security of your students and staff. Our cleaning professionals are well versed with OH&S and Quality Management Systems. They have an adaptable and flexible approach to cleaning.

Why Us?

  • Use of regular, harmless, non-toxic, and current cleaning products
  • Services customised as per the needs of clients
  • Mandatory security checks for new joinees
  • After work-hours cleaning
  • Reduce carbon emission from your office

Stay Clean; Stay safe

We Help Your Premises To Stay Green And Clean

As the leading cleaning and property management service providers, The Jai Ambe Services encouraging
its customers by providing green cleaning and recycling solutions.

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