Tips for safe, effective, quick carpet cleaning

Tips for safe, effective, quick carpet cleaning 16 Mar

Carpet cleaning is a not a task that an inexpert can carry on. Only experts can clean a carpet. For instance, we have seen people damaging their carpets in desperate attempts to cleaning them. A carpet is a fragile piece of fibres and must be handled with care. We have seen people damaging their carpets while we have also seen carpets 20-30 years old looking as good as new.

At the end, it comes to you how you take care of your carpet. How you clean it? Although you should always insist on carpet cleaning experts for a serious cleaning job, you can always try some smart tricks to get rid of minor stains.

Following are some of the tips for keeping your carpets cleaner for a longer duration and getting rid of nasty stains:

1.Stain Type: Spilled Milk
In case of milk spill, take a towel and soak as much you can. Then, make a 50% aqueous solution of white vinegar.

2.Red Wine
Pour over the affected area. Wait for 2-3 minutes and then soak up with a bath towel. Pour an equal amount of white wine and repeat the above procedure. In case of discoloration as a result, add one tbsp. of ammonia in a cup of warm water. Wet the stain, wait for 5 minutes, and blot dry.

Use a bath towel or cotton swab and blot with rubbing alcohol. Proceed gradually; a damp stain may spread if you proceed abruptly. This will take some patience if the spill is covering a large area.

4.For everything else:
Dirt, food remains, and what-the-heck-is-that stains, prepare a 50% aqueous solution of Borax. Blot on stains, let dry and then vacuum up the Borax. The stain should come out with the Borax.

Nothing will take out all stains. The rule of thumb goes like this: the sooner you try out these procedures, the better these tips are likely to work. No matter the type of carpet you have, these tips will work in most instances, if only to an extent.

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